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Fishing Report
Tuna are here!! LBI charter boat Reel Trouble now at BL.
The tuna are here and we are ready to go fishing. The boat is docked at the barnegat light yacht basin on the north end of LBI. After battling beach haven inlet for the past few years we moved to the north end of the island. It has proved to be a smart move. It is a great dock that is geared to fishing and the inlet is a pleasure. Summer is here; go fishing. Call 609 709 0226 for a fishing report.
Posted on 21 Jun 2015 by Captain Bill
Black Friday Striper trip
Got a group of 4 looking for 2 more to put together a trip for friday. Cost is $155 per person which includes mates tip. weather looks perfect and fishing has been good. 609 709 0226
Posted on 26 Nov 2013 by Captain Bill
Black Friday Stripers 609 709 0226 HEATED CABIN
Thanksgiving weekend has booked up. Still have the best day open; Black Friday Stripers. Weather looks great and Friday is open as of now. Fishing has been good. 609 709 0226. HEATED CABIN, STARM WARM TILL THE ROD BENDS!
Posted on 25 Nov 2013 by Captain Bill
STRIPERS 11/ 16/17
The striped bass fishing off of LBI finally broke wide open after a slow start. Have Thanksgiving weekend open including black friday. Will be fishing into December. Had limit catch with many releases on saturday and had 5 bass with bluefish while battling the fog the entire day sunday. Its finally striped bass time! Heated cabin! 609 709 0226 for striped bass fishing.
Posted on 18 Nov 2013 by Captain Bill
The lbi charter boat out of beach haven caught 4 nice bigeyes on friday. The largest going 166#. We are still tuna fishing well into nov when we will switch to striper fishing. To book a striped bass fishing charter or a tuna fishing trip call capt bill @ 609 709 0226 or
Posted on 08 Sep 2013 by Captain Bill
609 709 0226 tuna charter lbi REEL TROUBLE limit tuna trip
The lbi charter boat REEL TROUBLE 609 709 0226 returned yesterday with a limit catch of blue fin tuna. We are running a tuna trip special from lbi to the southern tuna lumps where they have been nice blue fin, yellow fin and mahi. Call 609 709 0226 for a current long beach island tuna fishing report.
Posted on 14 Jul 2013 by Captain Bill
lbi fishing charters specials 609 709 0226
609 709 0226 lbi tuna fishing charter boat, REEL TROUBLE is running June/July tuna trips for $1600.

lbi half day charter fishing special $475. 609 709 0226

6 hour lbi deep sea fishing trip $600. 609 709 0226 Double the fishing time of a half day!!
Posted on 18 Jun 2013 by Captain Bill
2013 Beach Haven White Marlin Invitational Tourn.(WMIT)
The REEL TROUBLE is available for charter for the WMIT this year. We have a very good winning track record in this tournament. We can accommodate six crew members very comfortably. The boat is a solid performer in all sea conditions which usually accompanys tournament fishing. We are docked at Morrisons Marina in Beach Haven, LBI which is in walking distance to the tournament festivities. Please call Capt. Bill (609 709 0226) if you would like more information. The dates are July 24-27.
Posted on 03 Jun 2013 by Captain Bill
2013 summer fishing season on lbi nj
Hi all. The beach haven lbi charter boat REEL TROUBLE is ready for another fish filled season. Starting out with stripers in May and ending the season with stripers in December with tuna, marlin, fluke,seabass blues, etc. in the middle sure makes for an action packed season. We have trips ranging from four hour half days to two day canyon trips. Come fish on a custom built, clean, fast, comfortable fishing boat. Hope to see our faithful repeat customers and some new fishing parties as we celebrate our 23rd year in business. Come on down to the jersey shore and get into REEL TROUBLE!
Posted on 02 Jun 2013 by Captain Bill
Hot Canyon Fishing out of Beach Haven LBI
The charter boat Reel Trouble returned from the canyon yesterday with a catch of 11 yellow fin tuna, one white marlin release and a release of a 350# blue marlin. We will be canyon fishing thru october at which time we will start our striped bass season. Call or email for a fishing report.
Posted on 08 Aug 2012 by Captain Bill
We had a great canyon tuna fishing trip out of LBI yesterday. The guys caught 8 yellow fin tuna up to 93.5 pounds. We are now running to the canyon and have dates available. Also we are now running the inshore 5am to 5 pm trip for bluefin tuna. If you are thinking of a tuna charter, the fishing is good now. 609 709 0226 or to book a tuna fishing charter trip.
Posted on 27 Jun 2011 by Captain Bill
BIG Spring Stripers
Had the Morgan bachelor charter party out yesterday. Caught 5 bass biggest 35 pounds, smallest 26#. Should have pics in gallery in a day or so. Come on down to Beach Haven, LBI and get into Reel Trouble with some striped bass fishing. Should be good till july. Should start tuna fishing mid June. Call for a fishing report 609 709 0226,

Posted on 22 May 2011 by Captain Bill
Striper Time.
We are done tuna fishing for the year and have switched over to stripers. We will fish into December. Ocean fishing is getting started with a lot of bait around to hold the fish. We will be running 8 hr trolling/jigging trips for $775. Have the prime Thanksgiving weekend open including black friday. 609 709 0226
Posted on 24 Oct 2010 by Captain Bill
canyon fishing
Canyon fishing is pretty good right now with much variety. There is some beautiful blue water out there holding marlin, tuna,mahi, and wahoo. We had another wahoo and some nice mahi on monday's trip. Still have charter dates open including weekends thru Oct. Reel Trouble, beach haven ,lbi nj. 609 709 0226
Posted on 13 Aug 2010 by Captain Bill
tuna, marlin,wahoo
Last few canyon trips produced yellow fin tuna, long fin tuna, marlin, wahoo, and mahi. Fishing remains consistently good. Dates open mid august on. 609 709 0226
Posted on 05 Aug 2010 by Captain Bill
Limit catch on tuna
We had a 6 man limit catch of yellowfin tuna yesterday. We put 19 in the box(I even caught 1}. Left the fish biting and was in the dock before 3:30. The fish were solid 50# class fish. Have this monday open and weather looks good. This trip leaves at 2am and returns at 4pm, cost is $1,750. This is a limited time special offer trip. Have this mon/tue open and then we are booked for the wmit tourn next week. Call now 609 709 0226. Summer is going fast!
Posted on 24 Jul 2010 by Captain Bill
Canyon Tuna Fishing report
We had a nice day yesterday catching 4 yellowfin in the 50-60# range. Had a 2 man charter of Matt and Zach each catching 2 fish each. Nice guys, nice weather, nice fishing. Have days available. 609 709 0226
Posted on 12 Jul 2010 by Captain Bill
tuna now
Canyon tuna fishing is on fire now. Don't know how long it will last but if you're thinking of going this summer I would go sooner than later. Boat is available next week. 609 709 0226
Posted on 08 Jul 2010 by Captain Bill
Tuna Now
We are now running tuna trips both inshore and canyon. There are nice bluefin inshore now on the 5 a.m to 5 p.m trip. There are school yellowfin and bigeyes in the canyon plus marlin and mahi. Come down to beach haven, LBI and take a charter fishing trip on the REEL TROUBLE. Call 609 709 0226 or email for a current fish report.
Posted on 29 Jun 2010 by Captain Bill
Marlin and Tuna
Canyon fishing remains good with yellowfins and marlin being trolled. Have weekends in sept available. Will be canyon fishing thru Oct. Stripers nov and dec.
Posted on 07 Sep 2009 by Captain Bill
Canyon Tuna
Had 3 nice 60# yellowfins yesterday and 3 shots at white marlin, hooking one up. Have labor day weekend open, fri,sat,sun for canyon trip. Weekends in Sept open also. 609 709 0226
Posted on 18 Aug 2009 by Captain Bill
Canyon fishing
Past 2 trips to the canyon were good. Caught 2 white marlin and 2 tuna on 1 trip and 3 tuna and some nice mahi on another trip. Tuna were 50-60#'s. Got this weekend open, weather looks great. 609 709 0226
Posted on 12 Aug 2009 by Captain Bill
Tuna NOW!!!
Good tuna action now on the 20 and 30 fathom trips. 20 fathom trip is 5am to 5pm, $1,350, fish up to 100#. The 30 fathom trip, 2am to 4pm is $1,500 with fish up to 200#. Canyon trip is $2,250, midnight to 6pm, yellowfins, blue marlin and white marlin.
Posted on 26 Jul 2009 by Captain Bill
Had 4 yellowfin tuna up to 50# in the canyon yesterday. Nice catch of big seabass today on a 3/4 day trip. Come on down to beach haven, LBI and get some fishing in before the summer is gone. The charter boat REEL TROUBLE is ready to take you on a fishing trip.
Posted on 20 Jul 2009 by Captain Bill
Had many yellowfins last thursday in the canyon. Had 2 bluefins last monday on inshore tuna trip. Catching many seabass but only 10% keepers.
Posted on 12 Jul 2009 by Captain Bill
Summer is here and with lower prices!
We've droppped the prices on all trips,up to $200 on a canyon trip, to reflect this year's lower fuel cost. Get into REEL TROUBLE in 2009 at 2006 prices. We are now bottom fishing and striper fishing on inshore trips and ready for the canyon and inshore bluefin tuna. Hope to see all our old friends and make some new ones this season. Come celebrate the LBI charter boat REEL TROUBLE's 19th season(10 on the old 31 footer and 9 on this 40 footer). Call or email for a fishing report. 609 709 0226 Also, we are offering a 3/4 day inshore this year (6 hours). Its cheaper than a full day and double the fishing time of a half day. Summer special 3/4 day price is $600.
Posted on 28 Jun 2009 by Captain Bill
Wrapping up a great season, thank you.

Finishing out the 08 season with some solid striper trips, plenty of shorts and the keepers are big fish. Still have this coming week and weekend available then the boat gets winterized. So, if you want to get one last trip in, this is it. The cabin heater is popular this time of year, so you can stay very warm. Thanks again to all who sailed aboard the REEL TROUBLE and we look forward to seeing you again in 09. We appreciate your business. Have a safe and happy 09.
Posted on 30 Nov 2008 by Captain Bill
another GOOD Charter TUNA TRIP
We had 11-12 tuna on saturday, second time in 1 week. No billfish this trip. Fishing remains good, with slow economy still have dates open. Come on down to LBI, get into reel trouble with a tuna. Plan your deep sea tuna trip now before summer is gone. Inshore or canyon, its time for TUNA. Call capt bill 609 709 0226 for a fishing report.
Posted on 20 Jul 2008 by Captain Bill
Need 3 for tuna on friday(7/18)
Looking for 3 guys to join 3 guys for a bluefin trip. Cost $290 a man includes mates tip. Need a total of 6 for that price. Good weather and good fish report. Targeting bluefin, mahi, wahoo. Fishing out to 45 miles. Call 609 709 0226
Posted on 16 Jul 2008 by Captain Bill
Inshore Tuna Fishing happening NOW! **SPECIAL**
The "5-5" inshore tuna trip is happening NOW and should be good for the next few weeks. We are fishing 35-40 miles out for bluefin tuna, mahi and wahoo. The trip is $1500 plus mate's tip which works out to under $300 a man (if you have 6 guys). This is a great price for a tuna trip on a big fast comfortable boat. This is a seasonal window with these fish and they will be gone by mid-late August. Our biggest fish on this kind of trip last year was 182 pounds. Get into REEL TROUBLE and fight a big tuna.
Posted on 14 Jul 2008 by Captain Bill
Canyon Tuna report July 12
The charter fishing boat REEL TROUBLE had a nice catch of tuna yesterday. We wound up with 12 yellowfin tuna between 50-60 pounds, had a white marlin up and fought a 400# blue marlin for 15 minutes before he decided to release himself. He made a series of jumps before landing on the line. A perfect day where the fishing was great and the weather was even better. We still have dates open for tuna now thru october. Come on down to LBI and go fishing! 609 709 0226
Posted on 13 Jul 2008 by Captain Bill
Recent reports from the canyon are producing good catches of yellowfin tuna. The LBI charter fishing boat REEL TROUBLE will start it's 18th year of tuna charters starting next week. June/July is also a good time for the "5-5" inshore tuna trip(out to 40 miles). Looking forward to going deep sea fishing! We are currently running our half day specials right now while fishing for stripers, seabass and fluke. This is a good family trip as you can fish half the day and spend the other half on the beach. Come on down to Beach Haven, LBI and get into REEL TROUBLE! Call for a current fishing report 609 709 0226. Happy Summer!!!!!!!!
Posted on 17 Jun 2008 by Captain Bill
LBI Memorial Day Striper and Seabass Economy Buster Special
The charter boat Reel Trouble has days open this weekend for half or full day stripers or seabass. Fishing is good now for both species and the weather looks great(for a change). Even though the cost of fuel is a disgrace we are still able to offer reasonable rates. Our half day is $475 which is $79 per person(if you have a group of 6) plus mate's tip. In honor of Memrial Day we will add 2 hours to the half day trip for free. This gives you a 6 hour trip for the price of a 4 hour trip. Happy holiday.
Call Capt. Bill's Cell for fish info 609 709 0226
Posted on 23 May 2008 by Captain Bill
Spring Sea Bass
The charter boat Reel Trouble will be ready for charter fishing in early April 08. We will begin sea bass fishing early May. We will begin our 18th year of charter sport fishing from Beach Haven LBI nj. After May and June seabassing we will have the boat ready for canyon tuna. As far as inshore fishing goes we will once again run our summer half day specials. Call 609 709 0226 for an LBI fishing report.
Posted on 29 Feb 2008 by Captain Bill
Striper Season
After getting blown out today, we are switching over from tuna fishing to striper fishing this weekend. We had a very good tuna season this year with most trips in the double digits. Our first striper trip is Nov 10 and we will be fishing well into December. Still have many dates available, including the prime black friday/thanksgiving weekend. Come fish in comfort in our heated cabin. Fall is finally here, but it won't last long. Reel Trouble 609 709 0226
Posted on 02 Nov 2007 by Captain Bill
LBI canyon tuna charter boat fishing report--July 1
The REEL TROUBLE had a nice catch of tuna and mahi today. Four 50# yellowfin tuna and one 115# bluefin tuna were boated for today's tuna charter party. The NJ tuna fishing season has started. Call today 609 709 0226 for a current fishing report.
Posted on 02 Jul 2007 by Captain Bill
LBI Tuna Fishing Special 4th of July Special
Book your summer or fall tuna fishing trip before the 4th of July and save $100. Deposit must be received prior to July 4th to validate offer. Canyon tuna fishing offers the chance to catch yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, bigeye tuna, longfin tuna, blue marlin, white marlin. We have been taking fishing parties to the canyon since 1990. Click on the picture gallery and check out some big tuna that have been in REEL TROUBLE!
Posted on 18 Jun 2007 by Captain Bill
Seabass & Bluefish on sat and sun half day fishing trips
Good fishing continued for the father's day weekend. Both days provided good catches of big seabass and small bluefish. The fishing off of Long Beach Island is great for half day trips. As the summer heats up, remember the charter boat Reel Trouble is air conditioned for your comfort. Plan your LBI family fishing excursion or Atlantci City cruise aboard the REEL TROUBLE! Stop by Morrison's Marina or call Capt Bill For a fishing report 609 709 0226.
Posted on 18 Jun 2007 by Captain Bill
June 10 Half day Seabass
Had a nice catch of seabass on sunday's half day charter. The fishing off Long Beach Island is still offering a variety of seabass, blues, and stripers. Take the family fishing aboard the LBI fishing boat REEL TROUBLE! Half day $395 full day $695. Call for a fishing report! 609 709 0226
Posted on 12 Jun 2007 by Captain Bill
June 9 Shark Trip
Fished on saturday for sharks. Had 1 nice thresher to the boat and plenty of slammer blues. Solid action all day. The sharking is just getting started.
Posted on 12 Jun 2007 by Captain Bill
LBI Half Day Fishing Special $395
We will be running our half day special again this year for the same price as last year. We will continue to do this unless fuel costs become unreasonable. The LBI half day fishing special is great for family fishing or the avid anglers looking to get out fishing for a good price. The trip runs from 7-11 a.m. or noon to 4pm, all bait, tackle, rods/reels, ice included. For $395 you get a 40' charter fishing boat, capt, and mate for 4 hours of private fishing fun for up to 6 passengers. It's the best fishing deal in Beach Haven! Spend a half day the REEL TROUBLE way.
Posted on 04 Jun 2007 by Captain Bill
Great Wreckfishing 5/26
Had a nice catch of big seabass this past weekend. Wound up with two nice blackfish too, a 9.5# and a 6#. Sounds like the big stripers are showing up now under the bunker schools. Should be good fishing for them for a couple of weeks. Fluke opened on saturday also. Come on down to LBI its a great time to fish for stripers, fluke, blues, seabass and tuna.
Posted on 29 May 2007 by Captain Bill
2007 Tuna Season--attention Tuna Fishermen.
The Reel Trouble is now accepting bookings for the LBI 2007 tuna season. We will be tuna fishing on the Reel Trouble out of Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, NJ from June thru October. We will start the season in June with the school bluefin tuna and continue with the yellowfin tuna and hopefully the Bigeyes in July thru October. We can comfortably accomodate 6 anglers on this big 40' custom tuna charter boat. The 3/4 walk around design allows you 60' of fishing rail to battle the tuna. We have been taking charters to the canyon for 17 years now and know what it takes to do it right. Check out our picture gallery to see the see the big bluefins, yellowfins, and bigeyes. Capt. Bill caught his first tuna in 1975. Let our experience work for you.
Posted on 21 May 2007 by Captain Bill
The BIG SEABASS are here! May 12 report
The Dr. Chaing group fished their 17th year in a row aboard the REEL TROUBLE. Always a pleasure to have these great fishermen aboard and watch them bail the seabass. These guys always kick off the seabass season, they show up every year just like Spring does. The guys had the fish coming 3 at a time for the first hour then it slowed to a pick. Wound up with over 100 nice seabass. Bluefishing remains excellent in the inlet. We even managed a 32" striper on this trip. Have days avaialble the next 2 weekends.
Posted on 14 May 2007 by Captain Bill
Had the bluefish pretty good down at the inlet. Stripers have started too. Will be wreckfishing this weekend. Have next weekend open so far. May is a good month to catch a variety of fish. Now taking reservations for all trips this season. Rates are the same as last year. Now is the time to catch those big seabass!
Posted on 08 May 2007 by Captain Bill
Spring Fishing 07
We are currently accepting bookings for the 07 charter fishing season(April-Dec). We will start off mackeral fishing in mid April. May will bring the best seabassing that the Spring has to offer. May/June will also show us the big stripers, blues and blackfish. By mid June we should be into the tuna. Charter Rates for 07 are the same as 06, no increase. Come on down to Long Beach Island and get into REEL TROUBLE!
Posted on 27 Mar 2007 by Captain Bill
Big Sea Bass! 8/1
Had a nice catch of sea bass today on a 3/4 day trip. Every fish was a keeper. Will be bottom fishing next couple of days.
Posted on 01 Aug 2006 by Captain Bill
Blue Marlin
We released a 300# plus blue marlin last week while on a canyon trip. Tuna fishing has become more consistant with fish between 40-100#. Still have canyon dates available from now thru Oct.
Posted on 01 Aug 2006 by Captain Bill
Inshore fishing 7/7
The last 3 half day trips this week provided nice keeper seabass. We have dates available for both weekend and weekday full or half day trips. Call or email for available dates. We are hoping for some good fluke fishing shortly.
Posted on 08 Jul 2006 by Captain Bill
TUNA 7/3
We caught 7 yellowfin tuna to 70# and one 20# mahi on July 3. We still have both weekend and weekday dates available this summer! We will be tuna fishing thru October. Call or email for avaialble dates.
Posted on 08 Jul 2006 by Captain Bill
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